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About Us

The Salt of the Earth

Purposely Unique is an online handcrafted boutique specializing in unique and fashionable accessories assembled by survivors of differing trauma expressing their stories and channeling their emotions through fashion.

Purposely Unique’s story began in 2015 during a background check interview while volunteering with a local non-profit organization in Orange County, California, tackling the heinous crime of human trafficking. During a moment of inspiration, Purposely Unique began on a journey into building a social enterprise, merging love of service with love of creativity by sub-contracting with survivors of differing trauma such as human trafficking survivors, newly resettled refugees, domestic violence survivors and the homeless, helping them transition into a better world by providing opportunities on how to become financially independent in a healthy and productive way.

In the summer of 2018, Purposely Unique partnered with Claremont Canopy, a grassroots organization which focuses on refugee settlement in the Inland Empire. Currently, Purposely Unique is partnering with another local non-profit which aims to empower the invisible populations of Orange County, by launching a pilot program in training women through sewing classes, creating job skills and workforce development opportunities for women in Orange County.

All items at Purposely Unique are exclusive and unique in nature made with the highest quality materials, hand-picked with trend-setting styles. Purposely Unique thrives off a high work ethic that is driven by compassion for humanity. Funfilled fashion at Purposely Unique creates compassion through fashion, where each piece is uniquely created for you with a purpose.